MM's Musings - a form of blog


Since early 2020, I have been writing much poetry - about life observations, experiences, society, philosophy and reflections.

I do not truly know what brought this on, but can guess, given the first one arrived on VE day when we were deep into COVID-19 and witnessing the importance of healthcare, bin men and shop workers to keep our life functioning. And then 2 months later we were totally shocked to discover that my super healthy and vivacious wife has advanced ovarian cancer. This brought up huge emotions, worries, stuckness, strength, love, depth, friendship and soul searching and will continue to do so!

I plan to publish the poems as a book or series of books. My belief is that even if only one poem can have a positive impact on just one person, then it will be a success.


One of my poems from 2021


A Poem

In the quiet

The infinite is found

Spatial beauty

And peace abound

All that arises

Lands at our door

Sounds, thoughts and lights

Travelling towards our core

The space

With which we occupy

Can be gently noticed

Edged with the membrane all abide by

In the aloneness

We notice we need not be lonely

Connected, in this inner world

Of love most holy

And when we move

There is no left gap

No hole, where we once were

The universe fully inhabits the map

And so our existence counts

Our impacts, they may be felt

Within this amniotic sac

Where all before us also dwelt

This presence is a wonderful gift

A submission to what truly is

Not to be owned nor invoked

But to allow, as a conduit to bliss

MM 03.05.MMXXI

Pause for reflection:

Notice: How did you read it?

What impact did it have on you?

What does it leave you with, if anything?


One of my 2020 poems

NLP and hypnosis

Can both be powerful for a mindset prognosis

Changing a pattern or rule in advance

For a positive sort of momentary trance

It is shown to be effective

Transforming a habit to a new directive

If this is your life preference

Then I acknowledge your choice, with deference

But for me and my way

There is a different price to pay

An alternative way to try to be

In the moment of an unsettling stormy sea

For I choose the road less travelled

Allowing each repeated script to be unravelled

And in tipping my hat to Frankl

I try to integrate all that does rankle

So that at the moment of my pain

I may acknowledge how it may all look the same

As some historical incident

And so my trend is to rebel, like a true dissident

But once I can then accept

How upon me some old script crept

I can be at a moment of choice

Of if, and how, to use my internal voice

For then I am fully free to act

Not bound by any internal contract

But conscious of this potential

To self, others and the experiential

To notice and observe

Allows us to proceed or swerve

In the moment, fully responsible

And to ourselves, wholly accountable

For sure, an easy path this is not

And your mind will often boycott

This newfound ancient approach

Shared by some imperfect coach

And for the moments I am at choice

A part of me can simply rejoice

As I expand my perspectives

And grow resources towards my objectives

This is a core philosophy

To my practice and my trying to be

In this life filled odyssey

Founded on my need for my own autonomy

MM 05.07.MMXX